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Donna Lorence

MELT Method Advanced Trained Instructor

Usui Reiki Master

      Donna's personal journey towards health and wellness started due to stress and chronic conditions which led her to a path to alternative healing. As these methods helped her, she knew she had to bring them to as many people as she could, and has done so since 2015. Many times working alongside and in support of conventional medical treatments, she is passionate about helping others find natural ways to support their body, mind, and spirit.

      In addition to her work at her own studio, Balanced Wellness in New City, Donna is also the in-house Reiki Practitioner at the Wholeness Center Spa in Valley Cottage, where she also volunteers monthly offering Reiki to cancer patients. 

      Donna offers private and group Reiki sessions (both in-person and long-distance), private and virtual Melt therapeutic fitness sessions from her studio as well as group Melt classes at the Clarkstown Learning Center, Animal Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and intuitive messages as Reiki unlocks intuitive energies in her healing sessions. 

      By achieving balance mentally, physically, and emotionally one can live life to their fullest potential.


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